So you want to build.

Make it a place to thrive.

Let’s do it together. Create sustainable spaces.


Of all waste from Construction

The construction and later demolition of buildings produces massive debris


Higher cognitive test scores

Building occupants in high-performing, green-certified environments perform better


Of plastics ever recycled

Globally most plastics ever produced is not recycled, majority is in landfills, dumps or the environment.


Reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions

Between 1990 and 2016 greenhouse gas emissions in the EU decreased significantly. We can reach net-zero.

Custom symbiotic enviorments that evolve with you.

ELPACA guides and follows a project through all stages of its evolution. A computer assisted solution for both DIY and professional users.

Good for the enviorment
Good for your wallet

Our design platform maintains proprietary relationships between materials, enviorments, shipping, and more to build with sustainability and economics in mind.

Integrating people and the environment by design

Whether the project is a remodel or new construction, designs are catered to the client's needs as well as the environment’s.

"We are working with Pascale on a high-end project in the Hancock Park neighborhood of LA. She is a terrific resource and a pleasure to work with. She approaches her work with technical specificity, but speaks in layman's terms so that all involved in the design process, and installation can easily understand the deliverable. Highly recommend."

Greg F.

Los Angeles, CA

"My first home was a small fixer upper in need of all around serious renovations. I reached out to Pascale for help. As a first time home buyer I also greatly valued her cost effective approach. I strongly recommend Pascale for her for creative, custom, understanding and detail oriented approach projects!"

Diana G.

Hawthorne, CA

"Pascale was in charge of a high-end redesign and remodel of our condo in a 1929 building. The age of the building brought all sorts of additional challenges, including working with city ordinances and a vigilant HOA. She has wonderful taste and a good eye the overall flow of the design and subtle enhancements that make a major difference. Everyone who has seen our place has immediately asked who designed it."

Joanne Meredith

Larchmont Village

"My wife and I witnessed her work in a major renovation project at the next door neighbor, and also hired her for a consulting role in our interior renovation project. My wife and I worked with other architects in the past in Chicago, and we find Architect Marill a high calbre architect whom I would recommend to our friends and relatives."

Kisoon Park

Pascale Marill


"Designing for symbiosis is different for each individual and/or space. It is always important to recognize how every design decision has an impact. The question is -- is it the right impact?"